Choosing and implementing the right cloud services for your organization can be challenging. Which services will provide the best “bang for your buck”? How do we get the most out of the services we may already have?

GURU has worked closely with our clients over the past few years to successfully migrate legacy, on-premises services and workflows to the cloud. We have strategically partnered with industry leading vendors that provide synergistic cloud services that will help your organization move to a more reliable, scalable, and user-friendly system.

When you sign up for GURU's Guardian Managed services, you'll find:

  • Reliability – Access to your business's vital systems and data are essential for your success. Our cloud service offerings provide just that; a stable, redundant, and reliable platform to store, access and utilize your data.
  • Scalability – Our cloud solutions providers have all been chosen, partially, due to their ability to easily scale with your organization, no matter the size of your workforce.
  • Security – All of GURU’s partner vendors are checked for adherence to strict compliance regulations such as SOC, NIST, and PCI (to name a few). Each platform also provides the latest security authentication options to ensure your organization is safe from intruders. From SSO to MFA, we can help your organization implement modern authentication across all cloud service providers.
  • Improved workflows – With more and more of the workforce working remotely, implementing new workflows can be difficult. GURU can help your organization utilize your cloud services to implement automated and scalable workflows that are location agnostic.

Talk to GURU today about making cloud services work for you.